Noam Vogt-Vincent

I’m Noam, a DPhil student in the Physical Oceanography group at the Department of Earth Sciences, University of Oxford. I’m an oceanographer and earth scientist, and my primary research interest is how physical oceanography influences large-scale marine ecology (particularly coral reef systems), from the geological past to the future. I primarily work with numerical models, from fine-scale regional biophysical simulations, to global earth system models.


I’m originally from London (UK), and completed my Master’s in Earth Sciences at the University of Oxford in 2019. As an undergraduate, I carried out research projects the UK, France, Germany, and Japan, and was inspired to go into oceanography by my mentor, Helen Johnson. I decided to carry out a DPhil in marine dispersal after learning about major data gaps in marine pollution attribution and coral reef ecology in the western Indian Ocean from my colleague April Burt, and being introduced to regional ocean modelling by Satoshi Mitarai.

Since 2019, I have been carrying out my DPhil on marine dispersal in the western Indian Ocean, supervised by Professor Helen Johnson (Oxford), Dr Satoshi Mitarai (OIST), and Lindsay Turnbull (Oxford). 

Rare N vogtvincentus discovered in the Ryukyu Archipelago after long-distance dispersal from its natural habitat in NW Europe.